X-Cel Warranty and Exchange Policy

Specialty and Custom Soft Lenses

Flexlens® & Weston™ (all designs)

Warranted -  Unlimited exchanges and cancellation within 120 days of original invoice minus $3 exchange fee

Non-warranted -  Non-returnable

XRP Toric

All lenses are guaranteed to ship from X-Cel within 5 business days of the day you place your order or the lenses are free. Lenses are non-warranted except for defects in workmanship.

X-Cel Gas Permeable Lenses, including Atlantis™ Scleral and REMLens®

Warranted -  Unlimited Exchanges and Cancellation (within 120 days of original invoice) with a $6 exchange fee for corneal and $10 exchange fee for Atlantis and REMLens®. Lost or patient damaged lenses are not warranted.

Add-ons are FREE -  With the exception of Tangible HydraPEG, PlasmaEyez, and any material surcharges. PlasmaEYEZ and material surcharges are non-refundable.

Atlantis Scleral Discounted Spare Pair - Non-warranted and non-returnable

REMLens® Non-Warranted - Non-returnable

Distributed Product

All non X-Cel original products are covered by original manufacturers’ warranty and return policies.

Warranted TotalVue, Tangent Streak, and Solitaire lenses must be returned to X-Cel for credit.

  • Essential Solution/Tangent Streak (all products):  Two exchanges per eye and cancellation within 90 days with 80% credit.

  • Essentials & Essentials X-tra Multifocal:  Two exchanges per eye and cancellation within 90 days.

  • Lifestyle:  50% credit on all exchanges and returns within 90 days.

  • Dyna Intralimbal:  $69.50 credit on all exchanges and returns within 90 days.

  • Rose-K / Rose-K 2 / Rose-K 2 IC:  Two exchanges per eye within 90 days, $50.00 credit per lens upon cancellation within 90 days.

  • Solitaire:  90% credit on Two exchanges per eye, or cancellation within 90 days.

    To Submit for Credit: 

  • Online -  Click on the ECP Resources tab, Paperless Credits
  • Via Email -  Submit invoice copy to xcelcredits@xcelspecialtycontacts.com
  • Via Fax -  Send invoice copy to 800.822.9235

  • NOTE: For products purchased in California: Warranties on products purchased on or after July 1, 2023, will commence on the date of delivery of the product (not date of purchase).

    Policies referenced are for United States customers only.

    Effective 09/01/2020, updated 06/22/2023