X-Cel Warranty and Exchange Policy

Specialty and Custom Soft Lenses

Flexlens® & Weston™ (all designs)

Warranted -  Unlimited exchanges and cancellation within 120 days of original invoice minus $3 exchange fee

Non-warranted -  Non-returnable

XRP Toric

All lenses are guaranteed to ship from X-Cel within 5 business days of the day you place your order or the lenses are free. Lenses are non-warranted except for defects in workmanship.

X-Cel Gas Permeable Lenses, including Atlantis™ Scleral and REMLens®

Warranted -  Unlimited Exchanges and Cancellation (within 120 days of original invoice) with a $6 exchange fee for corneal and $10 exchange fee for Atlantis and REMLens®. Lost or patient damaged lenses are not warranted.

Add-ons are FREE -  With the exception of Tangible HydraPEG, PlasmaEyez, and any material surcharges. PlasmaEYEZ and material surcharges are non-refundable.

Atlantis Scleral Discounted Spare Pair - Non-warranted and non-returnable

REMLens® Non-Warranted - Non-returnable

Distributed Product

All non X-Cel original products are covered by original manufacturers’ warranty and return policies.

Warranted TotalVue, Tangent Streak, and Solitaire lenses must be returned to X-Cel for credit.

  • Essential Solution/Tangent Streak (all products):  Two exchanges per eye and cancellation within 90 days with 80% credit.

  • Essentials & Essentials X-tra Multifocal:  Two exchanges per eye and cancellation within 90 days.

  • Lifestyle:  50% credit on all exchanges and returns within 90 days.

  • Dyna Intralimbal:  $69.50 credit on all exchanges and returns within 90 days.

  • Rose-K / Rose-K 2 / Rose-K 2 IC:  Two exchanges per eye within 90 days, $50.00 credit per lens upon cancellation within 90 days.

  • Solitaire:  90% credit on Two exchanges per eye, or cancellation within 90 days.

    To Submit for Credit: 

  • Online -  Click on the ECP Resources tab, Paperless Credits
  • Via Email -  Submit invoice copy to xcelcredits@xcelspecialtycontacts.com
  • Via Fax -  Send invoice copy to 800.822.9235

  • NOTE: Policies referenced are for United States customers only.

    Effective 09/01/2020, updated 07/01/2021